What Does the Period 2023 Hold for Philanthropy?

There are many pressing issues that must be resolved as we reach the turn of the century. Asset-Giving Will Increase Bank of America’s paper, “Philanthropy and the Global Economy,” suggests that blockchain-based cryptocurrencies may present a significant financing potential due to the fact that donors will not have to pay taxes on their contributions. Asset-Giving […]

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Community Engagement – Benefits of Community Service

Community engagement is a great way to make money while helping the community and engaging with others. By engaging with your community, you can increase retention, increase awareness of your organization and your social issues, and increase revenue. The key is understanding how to b  e an influential community member. Increase retention Creating a vital […]

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Why is Philanthropy So Important in Our Society?

It is essential to understand that philanthropy is more than just a charity. It can help solve our society’s problems and empower ordinary people to challenge authoritarian governments. History of philanthropy Philanthropic history is an often overlooked field of study. But it can be an advantageous subject. It can provide a better perspective on the […]

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